In shopping malls

In our portfolio, a lot of space is taken by events in shopping malls. We offer creation and implementation of events suitable to the client’s needs, expectations and possibilities of each shopping mall. We are most willing to enter into a permanent cooperation guaranteeing full loyalty.

The organization of events in shopping malls requires knowledge of procedures, standards  and specificity of each location, therefore every cooperation is preceded by the market analysis and visiting the location.

So far, we have completed over 2000 promotional events varying in nature, theme and size. Shopping mall events are often created in cooperation with shop owners of a given venue, but if there is such need, we also acquire external partners.

We organize:

  • promotional events (licensed; live cooking; fashion shows; events with youtubers, bloggers, celebrities, etc.),
  • sports events (events with famous sportsmen and trainers, streetball, bike trial, fencing, chess, etc.)
  • exhibitions (educational, automotive, modeling, pedigree cat shows, etc.),
  • pro – sale and loyalty campaigns.