Integration corporate events

Employee integration provides a great opportunity to build excellent relationships between them. We know it very well, which is why our offer also includes corporate integration.

We offer both indoor events, i. e. thematic events, role – playing games, workshops, trainings, as well as outdoor events, i. e. picnics, events combined with sport competition, outdoor games or treasure hunts. Our favourite are unusual projects, which stay in your memory for a long time.

Our largest integration event was attended by 2500 employees, the smallest by 12 directors of top management from across Europe.

Good relations between employees have a huge influence on a positive atmosphere in the company and affects its results. That is why organizing corporate events is so important. We always strive to create memorable events tailored to specific needs and objectives. The main goal, however, is invariably teamwork and employee integration.

Nowadays, an integration event is much more than merely providing attractions for employees.

Integration of the company is a coherent message, giving employees an expression of care and respect, justified by the company’s strategy.